Netizens React To IU And Park Bo Gum’s Paring In “When Life Gives You Tangerines”

Is this the most-anticipated K-Drama of the year?

Netizens reacted to the news that IU and Park Bo Gum will be starring together in an upcoming K-Drama.

IU (left) and Park Bo Gum (right) | Netflix

On January 30, Netflix Korea announced that K-Dramas will finally get a K-Drama starring both Park Bo Gum and IU.

The adventures of Ae Soon, a rebel born and raised in Jeju, and the loveable fool Gwan Sik.

Netflix confirms it will be airing the K-Drama When Life Gives You Tangerines, featuring director Kim Won Seok, writer Lim Sang Choon, IU, Park Bo Gum, Moon So Ri, and Park Hae Joon.

— Netflix Korea

Netizens celebrated the news of the long-awaited pairing. Many fans expressed that they couldn’t wait for K-Drama to air.

  • Wow, when is it going to be released?
  • I hope we will be able to watch it this year.
  • The English title, When Life Gives You Tangerines, is so cute.
  • I can’t wait.
  • Hurry up and release it. This is all that I’m waiting for.
  • Hurry up and come out, I want the dopamine explosion.
  • Crazy.
  • Hurry up.
  • Have to hold on until it is released this year.
  • Is it finally coming out?
  • I can’t wait for it to be released!!!

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Source: theqoo