Directors Of “Persona” Reveal What It’s Like To Work With IU On Set

They confessed their true feelings.

IU and the directors of “Persona” recently attended a press conference to introduce their upcoming Netflix original series. “Persona” is a four-part short film series where four different directors each created a different short film with IU as the main character.


The directors who appeared at the press conference opened up about what it was like to work with IU. Director Jeon Go Eun said she mainly didn’t want to “tarnish” IU’s name. But at the same time, she wanted IU to experience something she’s never had before.

“My main point was to create a project that didn’t tarnish IU’s name.

I actually attended an all-girls high school, and we used to walk around with our gym clothes underneath our uniforms.

Since IU debuted early in her life, I felt she probably missed out on a lot of those kinds of memories. I wanted her to experience that.

I didn’t cast IU, and I was the last director to join the project. I was very worried because I would be working with my favorite directors and a famous actor named Lee Ji Eun.”

— Jeon Go Eun


Director Im Pil Sung praised IU’s acting talents. He said IU showed professionalism and a side that can’t be seen when she’s focusing on music.

“IU has a good balance between emotions and logic. When she’s acting an emotional scene, she lets go a part of herself that makes her an artist. I thought she was amazing. I could tell she was special. I’m very thankful [towards IU].

I was doubtful but IU agreed to this project and we got started. I thought she had a lot of potential for films, and I’ve already been her fan as a musician. There were a lot of good actors but it was an honor to be able to work with her.

I mainly chose this project because I wanted to work with her.”

— Im Pil Sung


Lastly, Director Kim Jong Kwan said he was pleasantly surprised when IU went above and beyond his expectations on set. He was shocked by her acting skills and claimed the whole project was a joy to work on!

“When I first met IU, I felt she had a calm and delicate feeling. I saw the sadness of someone who lived a tough life.

I didn’t cast IU either. I joined the project after she was cast. Although she was cast as the main actor before I joined, I felt her charming characteristics. I was inspired by our first meeting, and it was great working with her. She exceeded my expectations as an actor. The project itself was fun.”

— Kim Jong Kwan


IU thanked the directors for their kind words as she also mentioned that the directors and she had great teamwork since the beginning. That’s why she’s sure that this series will be very memorable!


“I was surprised that I was offered this role. I’ve always admired these four directors’ works. I have a hard time opening up, but they talked with me easily since the first meeting so I was able to share my story too. We had good teamwork since the first meeting.

It was a refreshing challenge. It’s amazing how four directors saw me in different angles and I got to play four different characters. I think this will be a project that I remember for a long time.”

— IU


IU’s “Persona” drops on Netflix on April 5!

Source: Sports Chosun and Newsis