P.O Reached Out To IU For A Favor Before Enlisting In The Military

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Block B‘s P.O reached out to IU before enlisting in the military.

P.O. | GQ Korea/YouTube

GQ Korea uploaded a YouTube video titled “P.O’s Letter To Fans Before Enlisting (ft. IU)” onto their YouTube channel.

In the video, the Block B member left video messages to fellow Block B members and best friend WINNER‘s Mino.

Dear Song Mino | Wikitree

Netizens noticed the difference in emotions conveyed when the idol spoke to his Block B members and close friend to whom he exclaimed, “What is this guy doing here?” When prompted by GQ to leave Mino a message P.O did concede that Mino was his closest friend.

P.O. saying “What is he doing here?” | GQ Korea/YouTube

He then spoke directly to fans where he said, “I will come back healthy before you can worry about me. Please wait for me.”

GQ Korea/YouTube

When asked if there was anything else he wanted to say, P.O hesitantly reached out to none other than IU.

 IU, Jieun, Ms. Jieun, would you visit me in the military?


GQ Korea/YouTube

The idol then retracted his question, saying, I wanted to ask her that, but now I’ve decided against it.

GQ Korea/YouTube

The two starred in the hit drama Hotel Deluna where P.O played the hotel’s bellboy and IU the hotel owner. The idol had previously said due to this, even in private, the two stars speak using the polite tense.

Hotel Deluna poster | tvN

P.O enlisted in the Marines on March 28 in Pohang City.


Source: Wikitree