IU Reveals The Point Dance Move From The Choreography For “Celebrity”

You just might know it!

IU‘s hit song “Celebrity” is her first comeback in 2 years with a dance routine, and she revealed the point move for it!

| EDAM Entertainment

On her YouTube channel, a video with behind-the-scenes footage from the “Celebrity” MV shooting was uploaded, where fans can see IU chilling with her staff!

As they filmed the dance segment of the MV, IU slayed her dance moves, and declaring herself to be a “dance star”! She was then asked to name the point choreography of the dance routine!

What’s the highlight [point] of the choreography for “Celebrity”?

IU revealed that the highlight of the choreography is the star drawn by her left hand!

The highlight is…this is the easiest part! Drawing a star; the key is to draw it with your left hand! It’s quite…you’ll see if you try drawing it. It’s easy if you use this [right] hand. But its quite hard if you use your left hand.


The staff behind the camera then hilariously pointed out how the shape of IU’s left-handed star keeps changing, and IU adorably pretended to write it down as if taking note of it!

I’ll keep that in mind. That was a good point!


IU recently made her comeback with the pre-release single, “Celebrity”.

You can watch IU talk about the point dance move here!