IU Keeps Promise With Fan From 1 Year Ago And Attends Their Graduation

The fan is one lucky person!

Everyone knows IU loves her fans with all her heart and she proved this fact once again by keeping a promise she made with her fan a year ago.

At a fan meeting held last year, IU made a promise with a fan in their senior year of high school to make a surprise visit to their school. IU promised that she would attend the high school’s festival, but because the festival had already passed, IU decided to attend the graduation ceremony instead.


On February 14, IU appeared at the school’s graduation ceremony with flowers for not only her fan but for other students as well. She even performed a few of her songs in front of the students.


All the students walked her back to her van and all throughout, IU kept waiving at the students with a big smile on her face.


Netizens and fans alike were impressed by IU’s devotion to keeping her promises with fans and praised her for the kind act.

  • “She’s really a sweet singer.”
  • “Her character shines.”
  • “I’m really envious of that fan.”
  • “It’s amazing to see her keep her promise like that.”


Check out her performance at the graduation below:

Source: Newsen