IU Proves She Is A Genuine Lover Of Mint Chocolate Ice Cream

Do you like mint chocolate ice cream?

On September 1, IU’s Homebody Signal Episode 1 featuring singer-songwriter Jukjae was posted to EDAM Entertainment’s YouTube channel.

The two talked about their recent life as well as sang some songs to entertain fans during these hard times. While eating a snack of ice cream and coffee, the two began a discussion about mint chocolate ice cream.

| @jungjukjae/Instagram

The ice cream flavor mint chocolate seems to be a running trend in the K-Pop world with those many idols who either love it or hate it. In this episode, IU and Jukjae hold a debate on why people like mint chocolate. IU, who is a lover of mint chocolate stated, “My top pick is always mint chocolate!”

Shocked, Jukjae responds with, “No, you mean Almond Bong Bong!”

IU fires right back, showing her true love for mint chocolate ice cream. “Almond Bong Bong is too thick!”

Jukjae, clearly shocked, couldn’t believe that she thought that.

Jukjae expresses that people who like mint chocolate is because they don’t brush their teeth often. “Maybe you don’t brush your teeth often?”

He continued, “Maybe you are using the refreshing taste of the ice cream instead of actually brushing your teeth.”

IU felt that it was actually quite the opposite, implying that those didn’t like mint chocolate were the ones that didn’t like toothpaste or brushing teeth.

She responded, “People who don’t like the taste of toothpaste…”

“…they are the ones that don’t like mint chocolate.” 

Watch the full episode below to hear more!