IU Asserts That She Will Receive An Apology For The False Rumors, And Then This Happened

“I will surely receive an apology someday.”

IU was recently involved in a real estate investment scandal and despite the fact that she came forth and denied the accusations, many continued to criticize her.

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After the rumors began to spread, IU’s agency quickly released a statement clarifying that the claims were false, revealing a photo of the building’s interior as evidence, and stated that they will be taking strict legal action against the spread of false rumors and defamation of character in relation to their artist.

“The claims that are being brought up in relation to IU’s building and land purchase are not true. We are gathering information on various rumors and negative comments that are being spread online and evidence that is being sent by fans, and will be taking strict legal action against the spread of false rumors and defamation of character in relation to our artist.”

ㅡ Kakao M


Then on January 8, IU shared a post on her social media explaining once again that the rumors of her investment fraud were false and asserted that she will make sure to receive an apology one day.

“2.3 billion KRW profit, acquisition of unjustifiable information for investment purposes. These are all false. I swear on my valuable and precious career that my statement is entirely true. This (my career) is a position I decided on to stay for “a long long time”, to plan and realize many things. Those who claim that I have received unjustifiable information to earn unjustifiable profits through investment nonetheless, please show me solid evidence. If you are confident enough in your suspicions to completely deny a person’s values and actions, then I believe that is the least you can do to criticize rightfully.
Because I will not get cold feet or grow weary, I will surely receive an apology someday. Moreover, as announced yesterday, there are many others who are living in the building other than myself. I kindly ask reporters to respect the privacy of those people and the neighbors.”


After IU shared this post, numerous netizens deleted their comments, which criticized IU for earning profits in an unjustifiable way and expressed their disappointment. Many netizens also apologized for their carelessness.

On one online community post, which was titled, “IU said she didn’t need money but she succeeded in investment,” had hundreds of comments that expressed their agreement. On the morning of January 9, however, a majority of them were already deleted.

On another online community post, netizens posted comments apologizing for their negative comments: “I apologize for hastily posting comments,” “I will reflect upon my wrongdoings with a regretful mind.”

IU said she would surely receive an apology someday and as it appears, she is already receiving them.

Source: Kookmin Ilbo