IU’s Recent Photos Cause Fans To Worry About Her Health

“Sulli is already super skinny… how much skinner is IU?”

Recent photos of IU have been shared through social media, and some of them have had fans worrying about her current health.

IU is currently starring in tvN‘s hit drama Hotel Del Luna, and one of her best friends, Sulli, made a special cameo appearance. Sulli shared photos celebrating her appearance…

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귀신이 아니었습니다 하하하하

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But one other picture she uploaded with IU is gaining attention for IU’s current figure.

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지은이랑 지은이랑 🥰

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What was most notably pointed out was how thin IU’s legs look in the above photo with Sulli.

IU has always been considered a more petite, or smaller idol, but compared to her past photos, she appears to have lost more weight recently.

In her own post, she shared photos with a food truck gift that was sent to her filming location, and it seems like she really has gotten thinner. Her face appeared smaller, and her collarbones were quite pronounced.

It is common for K-Pop idols, especially females, to go on harsh diets for their promotions. While IU is currently not promoting as a singer, she is filming and promoting her new drama, Hotel Del Luna. This is causing her fans to encourage her to maintain her health too.

  • Sulli’s legs are already super skinny… so how much skinnier are IU’s?
  • Jieun-ah… gain some weight…
  • Wow… look how skinny IU is…
  • IU’s legs… are as skinny as sticks
  • Are IU’s legs all bone? She’s so skinny~ She should gain some weight.
  • IU, please be careful with your health
  • They’re both super pretty… but IU should make sure she is eating enough.