IU Reveals She Barely Had Time To Eat While Preparing For Her “LILAC” Album

“I’ve been busy preparing.”

In IU TV‘s latest video, IU gave her viewers a behind-the-scenes look at her “LILAC” music video shooting!

During the time of the music video filming, IU was in “The final stages of releasing the album.” While going through the several scene changes of her music video, IU revealed how much time and hard work she put into making her 5th full album LILAC.

| @dlwlrma/Instagram

IU shared that because of her hectic schedule, she did not even have time to eat and had lost weight because of it. The constant dance lessons and rehearsal also added to her recent weight loss.

I lost my appetite…We’re approaching the final stages of releasing the album. I don’t have a public event to attend to or anything but I’ve been busy preparing…I’ve been getting dance lessons.

— IU

Furthermore, IU revealed that she was constantly going through various fittings and was always going in and out of the studio to work on the album. IU was working so hard, she shared she had to eat gimbap (A Korean rice roll wrapped with seaweed and filled with a variety of tasty fillings) on the go.

I had to try out different outfits and went to the studio. It’s just been a repeat of those things. It’s been so…so long since I had to eat gimbap in the car since I was so busy.

— IU

IU also expressed the struggle with keeping up with her YouTube upload schedule while preparing for her album. Poor IU apologized to her fans for not being able to upload as much on YouTube during her album preparation.

We also need to film some YouTube videos. We need to do ‘Paette and Lee Jidong…There’s so many things to do. We haven’t made one (video) for celebrating 5 million (subscribers). Seriously, we didn’t have any time at all to even film that. Sorry.

— IU

According to IU, she felt sorry for her YouTube subscribers. IU explained that many are fans more for her YouTube channel rather than her music and expressed that her YouTube fans expressed their desires for more video uploads.

Some fans like ‘dlwlrma’ more than IU. Some may say, ‘I don’t care about IU as a celebrity, I’m only subscribed to YouTuber ‘dlwlrma.’ ‘Why is she being so lazy?’ ‘I don’t care about IU’s album,I’m just a subscriber to the channel.’ I’m sure at least one of the 5 million people think that way. To those peope, I feel very sorry. I was busy preparing for the alum, so, didn’t have much time to make YouTube videos.

— IU

Working hard to make an amazing album as well as constantly think about her YouTube subscribers, IU is the sweetest!

IU’s 5th full album, LILAC was released back on March 25 and, as expected, has been nothing but a huge success!

Check out IU’s video below: