IU Reveals “Love Poem” Was The Source Of Her Suffering And Her Strength

It was a love-hate relationship.

IU recently dropped her latest hit album, “Love Poem”, but she confessed that it was both a love-hate relationship for her. She posted a behind-the-scenes photo from her recent filming along with her confession.

She wrote, “Go #LovePoem. I suffered and endured all because of you.


Many fans believe IU struggled with her new album since she was busy juggling her popular role in Hotel del Luna as an actress, while writing, preparing and recording for her album, and also getting ready for her concert tour.

Ever the perfectionist, IU probably spent ages trying to make everything as best as she can!


Although IU may have faced times of difficulties while preparing for her album, all of her hard work paid off as usual as she completely owned the charts with all of the tracks off of her album!


IU proves once again that hard work never fails to pay off! Congratulations, queen!