IU Reveals The Real Reason Why She Started Writing Her ‘Coming-Of-Age’ Album Series

We hope to hear IU’s music for a long time.

Singer IU recently made a guest appearance on tvN’s Yoo Quiz On The Block 100th special and talked in-depth about her music and acting career.

Returning with her fifth album LILAC, they took some time to talk about her music and the process behind it.

Host Yoo Jae Suk asked the question to IU’s famous ‘coming-of-age’ album series and if there was any reason behind starting it.

There isn’t any big reason for it. After some time, I started to write all my songs and there didn’t seem to be that many things to write about. But because our age changes every year, I found myself to be different at every age. I’m already so different from who I was last year.⁠

⁠— IU

She also added that because she wanted to promote for a long time, she felt that age was something that she could continue to talk about.

I plan on promoting for a long time and I think its fun to keep a record of it by age. Fans can listen to ‘Palette’ and say, ‘Ah this is when IU was 25!’

⁠— IU

She first released her age series at 23 with 23, then at 25 she released Palette, and most recently she released Eight at 28.

She revealed that her turning point in life was when she turned 25.

It was then that I realized there was nothing left to be disappointed about and no surprises or anything new to me, so I was able to accept myself for who I am.

⁠— IU

On the other hand, IU has taken over music charts with the release of her fifth album title track “LILAC.”

Source: insight