IU was scolded on stage by a fan after saying she gained weight

During IU’s Chat-shire concert held in Busan, IU mentioned that she had gained a bit of weight and one fan wasn’t having any of it!

IU had barely finished her sentence when one of her fans in the audience scolded her, yelling loudly “What do you mean you gained weight!?

The fan, concerned about IU’s health and body image, felt she had to yell out loud to let IU know that she doesn’t have to be concerned about gaining weight.

She was so loud, in fact, that everyone in the concert hall was able to hear her.

IU burst into laughter as soon as she heard her fan and responded with a joke.

“Is there someone else in here who got the mic other than me?”

— IU

Apparently, IU’s fans take her title as the “Nation’s Little Sister” very seriously.

Check out IU’s adorable reaction after being scolded by her fan at her concert below: