IU secretly leaves to Japan in support for another group

Recently, it was reported that IU visited Japan without notifying her agency. It turns out, the reason for her travel was to support HIGH4 in their Japanese debut. 

HIGH4 expanded their area of performance to Japan since February, and is still performing concerts, events and much more. While IU visited, HIGH4 proceeded with their CD signing, photo time, and various other fan oriented events. IU’s visit alone helped a lot with their promotion.

So why did IU visit HIGH4’s Japanese fan events? IU spent her trainee days with one of the members, Kim Seong Gu. IU continuously showed her support for her friend through taking part in their debut song. The CEO of N.A.P Entertainment, HIGH4’s agency, who is also a popular music producer, found IU’s talent by raising her up to be a singer.

Later, LOEN Entertainment mentioned, “We knew of her absence later, but we had no idea at the time she left or before. IU loves to give surprise events to the people she is acquainted with.

In another note, this is not her first time helping out another artist. In the past, IU promoted her fellow artist in LOEN Entertainment named Yoon Hyun Sang by singing his new song, Time Forgets, while playing her guitar. The clip was released through her SNS.

Meanwhile for herself, IU is planning to be taking the role of a famous singer in the upcoming drama Producer. The drama will begin to air in April.

Source: Starnews