IU Sends Love Call To Rose For A Duet, Here’s How She Responded

BLACKPINK’s Rosé gave her response after being chosen by IU as her perfect partner for a duet.

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On July 5, BLACKPINK made an appearance on MBC’s Weekly Idol where Rosé was asked how she feels about IU’s recent love call.

IU Says She Wants To Collaborate With BLACKPINK Rosé

Rosé revealed that when she first came across the news through her father, she thought it was simply a joke.

She expressed her disbelief when she found out 1 of Korea’s top stars would love to share the same stage with her.

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Rosé then sends a video message thanking IU.

“Hello IU, this is Rosé. I feel so honoured. I will continue to practice singing and do my best. I respect you.”


She also showed that she is IU’s true fan by perfecting her hit song “You & I”.

With her unique timbre and vocal color, it is no surprise that other singers would want to work with her.

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Looks like Rosé’s vocal skills are getting more recognition day by day!

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Check out BLACKPINK on Weekly Idol below!