IU Shares Heartwarming Advice On How To Get Out Of Your Shell And Make Friends

She shared personal anecdotes while giving golden advice as well!

IU has shared many times that she has an introverted and shy personality, and she recently revealed how she eventually broke out of her shell and made friends with the people around her!

IU recently sat down for an Q&A interview with GQ Korea, where she answered questions and gave advice to fans and subscribers of the magazine!

One of the questions she received was:

It’s hard to make friends. How can I reach more people?

When she received this questions, IU began by opening up about her own issues with having an introverted and shy personality.

I was like that, too. This one’s a hard one. It’s actually quite hard for people with that kind of personality to reach friends easily. My personality in my early 20s was full of difficulties talking to others, comfortable being alone.


She then revealed that she worked hard to be able to change herself, and advised the fan to do the same! She also gave advice on how to start conversations, but told the fan to keep in mind their well-being, too!

I tried hard to change my personality and it’s a lot better now. For me, I personally tried to think from the other’s point, considering what kind of question would make it easier to answer and let the talk go on. If you wanna reach closer to that person; that person’s gonna have several features, right?

That person could be wearing a certain style frequently, might like this brand, might like this food. Try to notice these points and reach out to them with these topics. Custom questions are rather better to suggest than formal questions.

But I think you don’t have to put too much effort on many people. Because if that’s hard for you, focusing on a few people is a good idea too.


That’s queen IU for you!

You can watch the whole thing here from the 5:18 mark onwards!


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