IU Signs With Her Longtime Manager’s Newly Established Agency

IU is so loyal to her friends!

IU has signed with a new agency, but with all the same people!

On January 6, an announcement was issued that stated that IU had moved to a new agency called EDAM Entertainment, which was established by her longtime friend and manager of 12 years, Bae Jong Han.

Image credit: @erlinzhang


IU’s entire team (called “IU Team”) who were with her at her previous label, Kakao M, will also join her at her new agency, EDAM Entertainment.

EDAM Entertainment has been established as a subsidiary of Kakao M. Kakao M has revealed that they have invested in the new agency, and have expressed all their intentions to provide support to help the company grow steadily.


Image credit: Elle Hong Kong


IU recently completed her second Asia tour, Love Poem, and is now preparing for her upcoming new movie, Dream, where she will star alongside Park Seo Joon.

Her recent comeback was with her ninth mini album, Love Poem, which included the track “Blueming”.

Watch the MV here!