IU Took An Online Quiz About Herself—But Even She Had A Hard Time Answering

It didn’t go as expected.

On October 23, a new video was uploaded on IU‘s YouTube channel. To celebrate her debut anniversary, she went undercover as a Uaena with the name “Jieun” and answered a quiz about herself.

You would expect her to breeze through the test and answer each question without a moment’s hesitation, but the difficulty level surprised her!

The video began with “Jieun” confidently saying she’ll ace the test as a hardcore fan of IU.

She even hilariously called IU her type after checking out her own picture.

The first question asked her to type “the date this story began“. At first, she wrote September 18, the date of her debut. Unfortunately, it sent her to an “error” page.

The correct answer turned out to be the exact date she answered the test.

Another question involved solving an equation, but instead of numbers, the quiz used IU’s songs.

eight × L’amant – When Love Passes By + Riding The Train = ?

IU’s initial reaction after reading the question was one of confusion.

It didn’t take her long, however, to understand that it was referring to the track order of an album.

At first, she attempted to solve the equation without looking online to prove that she’s a real fan, but she soon gave up.

To get the correct answer for another question, her staff recommended that she sing the lyrics to a song. She realized while singing that the answer was “shortcut“.

Although she quickly solved the answer to the lyrics “Pretty smile, pretty heart, the woman who had vibrant cheeks that everybody loved“, she was redirected to the “error” page multiple times.

To her exasperation, she was supposed to write the answer in English.

Perhaps the most difficult question in the quiz was the last one because it required her to give a seemingly random date.

She was able to figure out after a while that it was referring to the date she wrote down the lyrics of “Blueming” on a memo pad.

The quiz may have been more difficult than she expected, but she was still able to answer it in under 14 minutes!

Watch the full video below:

Source: 이지금 [IU Official]