IU Has The Most Unexpected Reaction To How Young NewJeans’ Hyein Is

Hyein was born the same year IU debuted!

IU debuted way back in 2008 and has rightly earned the title of “K-Pop Princess” after everything she’s done in the industry and all of her accomplishments.

Yet, even after years in the industry, IU still had an unexpected reaction to the age of one of K-Pop’s youngest idols.

K-Pop soloist IU | @dlwlrma/Instagram

On July 24, IU released the new episode of IU’s Palette, and it featured the members of ADOR‘s new girl group NewJeans.

Unsurprisingly, during the video, IU touched upon how young the idols are. In particular, the idol pointed out the parallels between her own debut date in 2008 and the fact that the youngest member, Hyein, was also born in 2008.

Yet, while it isn’t uncommon for idols to be shocked by the ages of rookie idols, IU acknowledged that it might be something Hyein does to keep hearing the same comments.

IU shared that she had similar comments about her age when debuting.

In particular, considering IU debuted at 15 (international age), she shared that she often heard comments about her age.

IU also couldn’t hide her shock because while 15 is a young age to debut, Hyein was only 14 when she made her own debut with NewJeans.

Of course, knowing the experience of debuting young, IU showcased her warm personality by asking Hyein about how she felt with all the questions about her age.

But, I want to ask you this How do you feel about people constantly bringing up your age wherever you go? ‘I want them to stop mentioning how young I am.’ Maybe this could occur to you

While Hyein explained she didn’t mind, IU made the members laugh by adding, “That means you’re cool with me making fun of your age?” and Hyein explained that she was fine with it.

Of course, while IU loves to have a joke with idols, she is always conscious of their feelings and ensures they feel okay with her humor before continuing.

Source: IU Official