IU Announces Her First Full Album in 4 Years

IU‘s upcoming album is garnering interest thanks to her return from a long hiatus and the announcement of 2 pre-releases.

Loen Entertainment and FAVE Entertainment released more details about IU’s upcoming album release. In a statement, they said,

“IU will release her 4th full album on April 21 and meet her fans again. There will be pre-release song coming out on March 24 and April 7, ahead of the release of the full album.”

Loen Entertainment and FAVE Entertainment

IU’s return to the music scene comes after 18 months away from the industry. Interest is rising because of her long hiatus as well as IU’s continuous preparations for the album. Fans are looking forward to her growth as an artist as IU will personally be participating in the production of the album.

Loen Entertainment also talked about IU’s contributions in the album, saying,

“IU is in the final stages of preparing her album and for this release, she has collaborated with a variety of talented musicians. We have worked on a variety of styles for this album. There are unique and experimental lyrics and we hope fans can look forward to the well-created tracks.”

Loen Entertainment

Source: Sports Donga