The One Rule IU Never Broke In Her 10+ Year Friendship With Actress Yoo In Na

Yoo In Na never knew about IU’s promise to herself.

Singer IU and actress Yoo In Na went from castmates on the 2010 variety show Hereos to best friends who have supported each other for over ten years. Along the way, they’ve learned a few tips to keep their friendship sailing smoothly.

IU and Yoo In Na.

For the newest episode of IU’s Palette, Yoo In Na appeared as the guest star and couldn’t avoid talking about their longtime bond. That’s when IU revealed the one rule she had for their friendship.

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Because IU has unique relationships with her family, boyfriend, and friends, she noticed that she treats her soulmate Yoo In Na a bit differently. IU admitted, “I have one rule that only applies to you, In Na.

Throughout their friendship, IU was careful not to cause Yoo In Na any emotional stress. She said, “That I will never make you upset.” There was a deep reason why IU stuck to the rule.

Looking back on how supportive Yoo In Na has been to her, IU wanted to repay all those feelings in a way that only she could.

Because you are the type of person who is good at expressing yourself. But I always feel sorry for not showing as much feeling as you have shown to me. I somehow feel like I owe you.

— IU

Shocking Yoo In Na with her determination, IU revealed that she always tried to stick to the rule.

I tried my best to prevent causing a situation that might make you upset. I once promised it to myself. I was determined that it would never happen.

— IU

Although Yoo In Na had never known about the rule, she confirmed that IU had succeeded. She said, “That’s why, no matter how hard I think, IU has never made me upset.

See Yoo In Na learn about IU’s rule for their friendship and appreciate her determination to stick to it.


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