Why IU Never Gets Mad At Her Bestie Yoo In Na—And You Wouldn’t Either

Only Yoo In Na could pull it off on IU.

Actress Yoo In Na and singer IU have been best friends for over ten years. In all that time, they’ve never been angry with each other and recently shared why on IU’s Palette.

IU and Yoo In Na.

When Yoo In Na said that IU “hardly gets upset with others,” IU confirmed the statement but added more detail. IU announced that Yoo In Na could never make her upset, even if she tried. She then gave an example that proved why.

But there is another thing that applies to only you. Whatever you do to me, I never find you annoying. And I think that is your talent.

— IU

If IU meets with a friend who shows up late, she would typically “scold them” for it. That wasn’t the case with Yoo In Na because the scenario would play out entirely differently.

Rather than act casually about the mistake, Yoo In Na would “crawl on her knees” and cutely ask IU for forgiveness for being late.

IU appreciated how Yoo In Na always takes accountability for her errors. IU said, “Even when she makes a mistake that can make others upset, she is always aware of what she did wrong and always makes up for it.

Although Yoo In Na tried to be humble by explaining that she was only giving an apology, IU quickly denied it. IU pointed out that her apologies were “three to five times bigger than the mistake.

Yoo In Na’s apologies were so dramatically sincere that IU couldn’t ever be upset. IU said, “So I could have no chance to become upset with you, even if you made a mistake.

See them prove that the emotion behind an apology can go much further than just saying the words.