IU’s New Track “Eight” Featuring BTS’s Suga Soars High On Charts Right After Release

Another hit song from Min PD!

Both born in 1993, singer IU and BTS’s Suga have finally dropped the official release of their collaboration track “Eight.” As soon as the song hit the charts at 6 PM KST, it soared up to the number one spot on all major music streaming platforms, showing the power of Suga and IU.

This is how the Melon charts looked five minutes after the release of the song.

This pop rock genre track as written and produced by both artists and features a refreshing band sound that is different from IU’s usual vocal style. Suga not only produced but also featured in the track as well.

This is also a part of IU’s ‘age series’ tracks following her song “23” from 2015, “Palette” from 2017. This song is about her as well as Suga being 28 years old (Korean age).

In the song description, IU explains that the “you” in the song is portrayed through different virtual characters as a way to express her at 28 years old. She talks about how her life at 28 was a series of helplessness. IU’s agency revealed, “The two share their opinions based on the consensus as a musician of the same age.”

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IU X SUGA, Collaboration ..New song released on May 6th Singer IU and ‘BTS’ Suga showcasing the new collaboration. IU will release a digital single on the 6th of next month. It has been six months since the mini album ‘Love poem’ in November. The music style will be different from the previous music style. The musical synergy of the two is expected. The agency said, “The two shared their opinions based on the consensus as a musician of the same age.” IU actively participated in various fields, such as composition, lyrics, as well as the overall concept of the new songs. It has even finished shooting music video. The last work is in progress. Meanwhile, IU is set to film the movie ‘Dream’ (tentative title, director Lee Byung-hun)with Park Seo-jun in next month. #IU #BTS #SUGA #IU_SUGA

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Suga also revealed during a recent live stream that the production process for this track went very smoothly.

Fans who heard the song also interpreted it as a song dedicated to Sulli and Jonghyun as well.

Watch the official music video below: