IU’s Recent Family Photo Proves That The Fashionista Gene Runs In The Family

The fashion gene runs in her blood!

IU recently went on a family trip where she spent a long-deserved vacation resting with her mom, dad, and brother!


She also revealed a family photo that they took on the trip and fans were completely amazed! They were shocked to see just how fashionable each and every one of her family members were!

Left to Right: Brother, IU, Mom, Dad

“I bet IU’s mom and dad have beautiful visuals too”

“Wow her dad’s fashion!”

“They’re so hipγ…‹γ…‹γ…‹”

“They all dress so well… the brother, the mom, and the dad too”

β€” K-Netizens


Another photo showed a very small glimpse of IU’s dad and everyone could tell where IU got her calm charisma!


IU’s always been a fashionable queen as she never cowered from testing out new patterns and colors!


She is the epitome of making comfy clothes look stunningly cute!


She’s become a fashion lookbook inspiration just from her airport outfits!


And now fans know that her fashion genes literally runs in her blood!

Source: Nate Pann