IVE’s Ahn Yujin Goes Viral For Her Composed Answers To “Rude” Questions On “Knowing Bros”

“That was a seriously clever answer, LOL…”

IVE Ahn Yujin‘s answers to “rude” questions on Knowing Bros are going viral.

Ahn Yujin | JTBC

In the April 15 episode of Knowing Bros, IVE made an appearance amid their recent comeback with their first full album, I’ve IVE. 

IVE members on Knowing Bros | JTBC

On this day, Lee Sang Min praised the group for winning both the Rookie Of The Year award and the Daesang award in a year since their debut. The former producer then asked the groups if they still considered themselves rookies.

You guys won the Rookie Of The Year award and the Daesang in a year since debuting. This is a historic feat. Your mindstates are really important. Do you guys think of yourselves as rookies or Daesang winners?

— Lee Sang Min

IVE’s Ahn Yujin answered the question with class and composure.

On stage, we feel like Daesang (winners), but off-stage, we consider ourselves rookies.

— Ahn Yujin

Kim Hee Chul then asked the idol, “Are you sure you guys aren’t rude on stage like ‘We are Daesang singers, and so we don’t need rehearsals?'”To which Ahn Yujin pushed back, stating that IVE wouldn’t act like that and stopping Kim Hee Chul’s trolling in the process.

Is it mandatory for Daesang winners to act like that? We aren’t like that.

— Ahn Yujin

Netizens reacted to Ahn Yujin’s smart and confident response, while others criticized Kim Hee Chul for his rude and demeaning question.

| theqoo
  • “She’s so cool, LOL.”
  • “They keep doing this because when they ask weird questions like that, hoobaes usually don’t know what to do and just say, ‘No.. No..'”
  • “Wow, LOL. That was a seriously clever answer, LOL. So refreshing.”
  • “There isn’t anything that Yujin can’t do, LOL. She’s seriously good at everything, even on variety shows.”
  • “She’s so good at responding, even to such a trashy remark.”
  • “That was such a lame and rude remark… He doesn’t change.”
  • “Wow.”
  • “So refreshing, LOL.”

Meanwhile, IVE has won the Rookie Of The Year and Daesang awards at the Melon Music Awards, MAMA Awards, Asia Artist Awards, and the Golden Disk Awards.


Source: wikitree
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