Rapper Lee Young Ji Is IVE Ahn Yujin’s Biggest Cheerleader As The Friends Arrive At The Airport Together

Who wouldn’t want this type of friendship?

TvN‘s series Earth Arcade has been renewed for a second season and will still feature comedian Lee Eun Ji, rapper Lee Young Ji, IVE‘s Ahn Yujin, and Oh My Girl‘s Mimi. The show features the four celebrities playing a variety of games to try and capture the moon rabbit.

Four warriors who gather to catch the moon rabbit who fled to Earth! A new concept hybrid multiverse action adventure variety that unfolds across time and space begins!

— MyDramaLists’s synopsis

Lee Eun Ji | @tvn.asia/Instagram
Lee Young Ji | @tvn.asia/Instagram
Oh My Girl’s Mimi | @tvn.asia/Instagram
IVE’s Ahn Yujin | @tvn.asia/Instagram

As Young Ji and Yujin are both cast members, fans have enjoyed watching their friendship grow both in and out of the show.

Lee Young Ji and IVE’s Ahn Yujin | @youngji_02/Instagram
| @youngji_02/Instagram

Earth Arcade season 2 has been filming in Finland, but now both Young Ji and Yujin have just returned to South Korea. As always, the press and fans were there to welcome the celebrities who were excited to greet them.

As Yujin appeared first, fans were excitedly taking pictures of the talented idol, which caused Young Ji, who appeared right after, to cheer on her friend.

Oh my god, world star Ahn Yujin.

— Lee Young Ji

| @9_1_5_6_7/Twitter 

But after hearing Young Ji’s cheer, Yujin made sure to pose for pictures together with her friend, showing their close bond.

| @9_1_5_6_7/Twitter 

Fans were excited to see the two friend’s adorable support of each other.

And can’t wait to see more of their interactions in Earth Arcade season 2.

You can watch a trailer for the first season here.

Source: @9_1_5_6_7/Twitter
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