IVE’s Ahn Yujin Shocks Netizens With Her “Unreal” Body And “Legs For Days” While Promoting The Group’s Track “I AM”

“She is so stunning that the clip almost looks edited!”

IVE‘s Ahn Yujin is known as one of the tallest female idols in K-Pop and has never ceased to wow fans with her proportions and aura in whatever she does.

In a recent video, Ahn Yujin gained attention after shocking netizens with her “unreal” legs.

IVE’s Ahn Yujin | @_yujin_an/Instagram

Since first being introduced to netizens on Produce 48 to debuting with IZ*ONE and then IVE, Yujin has always gained attention for her height.

At 173cm, she is one of the tallest female idols, along with fellow member Jang Wonyoung. Many netizens even believe she is taller, adding that it isn’t uncommon for female idols to have their height reduced in official profiles.

| @_yujin_an/Instagram
| @_yujin_an/Instagram

Even when Yujin performs, she has control over her body and is as elegant as a ballerina with her long legs and fluidity.


It seems like Yujin has once again wowed netizens with her unreal proportions in a recent TikTok video.

IVE recently released their new track “I AM,” and of course, the song took over the internet from the minute it was released. Along with praise for its “pure pop” sound, the members each shined in their own way and showcased their charm and talent.

IVE’s video for “I AM” | starshipTV/YouTube
| starshipTV/YouTube   

Yujin was no exception, but it was a recent TikTok as a group where the idol really sent the internet into meltdown.

One of the star moments of the video is when the members walk down the airplane runway like models.

| starshipTV/YouTube 

The members emulated that scene on TikTok as they strutted down the same stretch of tarmac to their music in perfect formation.


While all of IVE looked beautiful, the comments were flooded with netizens gushing over Yujin’s visuals.

Some netizens couldn’t believe just how stunning Yujin was, with some claiming that it was “her era” as the idol walked and showcased her unreal visuals, proportions, and presence.

While Yujin might be tall and beautiful, she is also extremely talented and charming, which makes her a lethal combination. IVE continues to shock netizens with every comeback, and each member has earned praise for “I AM” in different ways.

Source: ive.official/TikTok
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