IVE’s World Tour Concert Tickets Spark Controversy

Netizens are shocked.

IVE‘s ticket prices for their Show What I Have tour are drawing criticism.

IVE | Joongang Ilbo

On August 11, Starship Entertainment announced the ticket prices for the long-awaited Korean leg of IVE’s world tour. The concert has been much-anticipated by the group’s fans as it marks the group’s first world tour.

The label revealed that ticket prices would begin at ₩154,000 KRW (about $117 USD), with the VIP seats fetching ₩198,000 KRW (about $150 USD).

While IVE surely would put on an unforgettable show for fans, many expressed disappointment over the prices. Fans commented on how expensive the prices were and criticized Starship Entertainment.

  • “This is so expensive.”
  • “I understood them charging this much during the COVID-19 pandemic because audiences sat away from each other, but this is shameful. When prices go up in this country, it never comes back down.”
  • “??”
  • “This isn’t right, seriously.”
  • “This is expensive considering, they are a pretty brand new group.”
  • “Wow…”
  • “This is too much… Seriously ㅠㅠ. Why are concert tickets so expensive these days.”
  • “Expensive AF, LOL.”
  • “This is too expensive. They are also going to sell merchandise, right?”

What are your thoughts?


Source: theqoo