Korean Netizens React To IVE’s Lastest Single “Either Way”

“IVE’s music is like comfort food to me.”

Korean netizens reacted to IVE‘s latest single, “Either Way.”

IVE | Starship Entertainment

On September 25, Starship Entertainment released IVE’s much-anticipated single “Either Way.”

Artwork for “Either Way” | Starship Entertainment

The song is a poignant ballad that reassures listeners that all will be good in the end. Listeners may be surprised by the song as it is much more vulnerable than IVE’s previous offerings.

The music video offers cinematic visuals with breathtaking shots of the members as it carefully weaves the stories behind the members’ characters.

The song has quickly gone viral, with the video amassing over 8 million views in under 24 hours, while one netizen’s post asking fellow fans’ opinions on the song has been viewed over 95K times.

In the post, the netizens wrote that the song was emotional for her and that she liked it because it was a concept that the group had never tried.

The song felt calming but emotionally stirring… I liked it because it was a concept IVE had never tried before. What did you guys think?

— Netizen

Netizens overwhelmingly reacted positively to the song, with many stating that they loved the song and the music video.

  • “I love it so much. IVE just matches my tastes to the tee. The group’s music is like comfort food to me. They have never released a song that I didn’t like.”
  • “I like the fact that the group has so many concepts. If you look at the group from its debut song, they always seem to try something new and have never missed.”
  • “This is the first of three singles, right? I think this is the saddest girl group song ever. The song is good, and the music video is pretty sad. I personally liked it.”
  • “I loved the part where they sing that you can have both love and hate.”
  • “I really liked the song since I love songs that are slow and have moody melodies.”
  • “The song is pretty sad, and Jang Wonyoung looks so pretty with bangs. I feel like I’m going to be entranced.”
  • “As someone who likes ballads, this song was great. This is a good song to hear at night.”

What are your thoughts? Check out IVE’s “Either Way” in the link below!

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