IVE Has Finally Debuted And Here Are Their Goals As A Group, According to Liz

They’re definitely a group to watch out for!

Starship Entertainment‘s latest girl group IVE recently made their debut with the single album Eleven and a title track of the same name, and have already impressed the tons of fans who were waiting for their debut!

IVE | Starship Entertainment

The group is notable for having former IZ*ONE members Yujin and Wonyoung, but the rest of the members soon made an impact on netizens as soon as they were introduced to them!

At their debut showcase, the group performed “Eleven”, and showed off their explosive charisma and talent, and absolutely killed the stage! They were also asked questions by the host, such as Yujin‘s change in position from maknae to leader, their goals, and more!

As a newly debuted group with many eyes on them, Liz revealed that they’re starting small, with their current goal being to be able to appeal to a wide and varied audience with their many charms!

Our first goal is to let a lot of people know about us. And in the future, just like other K-pop acts that have been raising their profiles worldwide, we also want to expand our presence globally.



We can’t wait to see what IVE brings to us in the future! Until then, check out their debut MV for “Eleven” here!

Source: The Korea Times