IVE Jang Wonyoung’s “Kiss” In Paris Sends The Internet Into Meltdown

Fans are jealous!

Jang Wonyoung is taking over Paris Fashion Week.

The idol is currently in Paris for the country’s fashion week. Specifically, she is there as the ambassador for the French jewelry company, FRED.

Jang Wonyoung | FRED

Even before arriving in Paris, the idol made headlines for her airport look in Korea.

| @Land_of_Blest/Twitter

| @Land_of_Blest/Twitter

Those wouldn’t be the last of her viral moments, as after she arrived in Paris, several video clips of Jang Wonyoung interacting with fans went viral.

Jang Wonyoung delighted fans by happily interacting with them. But one gesture from the idol, in particular, is going viral.

| Nate Pann

In one clip, Jang Wonyoung can be seen giving a fan her autograph. Before she leaves, however, she blows the fan a kiss.

She gives a fan her autograph and then even blows her a kiss. She is a professional idol.

— @jangwantyoung/Twitter

Another fan uploaded another angle of the kiss.

And here’s one more angle for the road.

Fans reacted by saying how beautiful the idol looks in the clips. Proving Jang Wonyoung was made for the brightest lights.

  • “She’s so pretty.”
  • “She’s literally someone who was born to be a celebrity.”
  • “She’s so pretty ㅠㅠ. She’s a princess.”
  • “Wow, she’s pretty AF.”
  • “She’s the definition of ‘hot girl.’ She’s so pretty.”
  • “Her hair looks so soft.”
  • “It’s crazy how pretty she looks.”
  • “Oh my, she’s so pretty.”

Can you get over how pretty she looks?

Source: Theqoo