IVE’s Liz Noticed Wonyoung’s Wardrobe Malfunction On Stage And Fixed It In A Playful And Subtle Way

She’s a pro, alright!

IVE‘s Liz is going viral for her quick reaction to a wardrobe malfunction.

On May 20, IVE was invited to the Yonsei University festival Akaraka. Here, they performed their hit songs such as “Love Dive,” “IAM,” and “Kitsch” in front of a crowd of thousands.

In the middle of this, Wonyoung experienced a slight problem with her outfit. The bottom of her denim skirt creased upwards as a result of the intense choreography she had just performed.

Though it was not too revealing being only an inch or so high, it exposed her black safety shorts underneath. Liz noticed and quickly got to work.

She put her hands behind her back mimicking the famous “Naruto Run” pose and rushed towards Wonyoung, fixing her skirt while she was at it.

It was a playful yet heartwarming act that got the attention of fans and non-fans alike.

She was praised for her quick-thinking nature and adorable reaction, with netizens pointing out that she was “cute,” “pretty,” and “caring.”

Check out their full performance below!

Source: Pann