“I’ve Never Seen Anyone More Handsome Than V”: Park Myung Soo Compares Himself To The BTS Member In Latest Instagram Post

He must be an ARMY!

Comedian Park Myung Soo once again showed his love for BTS member V in a recent Instagram post.

It’s a known fact that V is famous for his dashing good looks.

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These pictures are from V’s post on May 31, where he posted a series of pictures of him promoting CELINE HOMME. ARMYs and netizens noticed his visuals—and so did Park Myung Soo.

On July 10, Park Myung Soo posted a picture on his Instagram that mentioned the BTS member. The post showed V’s picture and Park Myung Soo imitating him side-by-side. Park Myung Soo even wore the same CELINE t-shirt and looked to the side. His caption compared himself to the “model” (where he was just a “customer”) and referred to himself as “PMS”—an acronym of his name.

The model and the customer🤩🤩
Bts – Pms #bts

— Park Myung Soo

Netizens filled his comment section with love and support for both V and Park Myung Soo.

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  • “You’re as handsome as Kim Taehyung!!! You both look like shining good!”
  • “Taehyung and Park Myung Soo are both handsome. Thank you😍”
  • “Model and customer LOL! Our Taehyung is pretty, and Myung Soo is cool👍”
  • “You both are awesome💜”

Park Myung Soo’s admiration of V is nothing new; earlier this year, on March 26, Park Myung Soo shared a story on his radio show Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show on KBS Cool FM about a listener’s daughter and V. The listener shared that her 11-year-old daughter ran for class president, and only one boy voted for her. Since then, her daughter said the boy was the most handsome person to her—more handsome than BTS’s V.

In response to the listener’s story, Park Myung Soo had a hilarious response.

I think she needs glasses. I’ve never seen anyone more handsome than V.

— Park Myung Soo

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It’s not just Park Myung Soo, who is a fan of V—so is his daughter. He once shared on a television show that his daughter wanted to marry V. He jokingly told her he wanted that to happen because it would “turn his life around completely.

Park Myung Soo’s Daughter Wants To Marry BTS — Here’s How Park Myung Soo Reacted

Park Myung Soo’s love for V is evident, but he had some regrets; he once admitted that in 2014, he didn’t take a picture with BTS and regretted it to this day. In 2018, he ran into them again and took a photo together. In addition, he recently met BTS’ Jin when he came out on Park Myung Soo’s YouTube channel, and they exchanged numbers.

Park Myung Soo (left) and Jin (right) | @jtbc_hms/Instagram

Park Myung Soo’s past remarks about V’s visuals and BTS shows how much he is a fan of them!

Source: OSEN, theqoo and Sports Kyunghyang