IVE’s Rei Debuts A Surprising New Hair Color And Fans Are Loving The Transformation

This is the first time she’s had this color since her debut!

IVE‘s Rei has often attracted attention because of her adorable visuals, as well as her talent. She can rock any style and look great doing so!

IVE’s Rei | OSEN

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Since their debut, Rei has stuck to darker hair colors, never going darker than a lighter brown, like during the group’s promotions for “After Like.”

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Rei currently has attracted a lot of attention after making a dramatic change to her hair color!

On February 22, KST, IVE arrived at Gimpo International Airport to return to Japan for their The Prom Queens fan concerts. The group previously completed two nights of concerts in Yokohama, where Rei’s hair was still brown.

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Rei surprised fans by sharing photos of her new blonde do before the group’s departure!

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Fans got a better look at the new style when the group arrived at the airport, with Yujin pointing out Rei’s new look!


The members and Rei herself also seem to love the new look, pointing it out in different photos and clips.

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As expected, fans have strongly reacted to how gorgeous she looks with blonde hair!