IVE’s Rei Has The Cutest Reaction To NCT Taeyong’s Award Acceptance Speech

“Rei 🤝🏽 The word cute.”

On Friday, October 13, NCT 127 took home their second win for their latest title track, “Fact Check”, on Music Bank.

Though they were the only artist nominated besides BTS‘s Jungkook (with his song “3D”), NCT 127’s members appeared alongside IVE on stage since the girl group performed their new song, “Baddie”, on the music program.

As is usually the case for winning a music show award, NCT leader Taeyong gave an acceptance speech for their win. However, it was IVE’s Rei that caught a lot of people’s attention… Due to her trying not to get attention!

Rei was standing behind Taeyong while he gave his speech, and when she realized how much she was in the frame of the shot, she tried her best to hide behind the NCT 127 leader… But not to much success!

Netizens can’t help but fawn over the IVE member’s adorable attempt at hiding, and the video clip has been getting a lot of attention online!

Rei really is the personification of cuteness!

Source: The Qoo and Pann Choa