IVE’s Rei Unintentionally Spoiled “Love Dive” Before Their Comeback, Here’s How

The spoiler was genius!

IVE recently made their first comeback with “Love Dive”, and have climbed to new heights of success with it!

IVE | Starship Entertainment

In a recent behind-the-scenes video of their comeback showcase, Rei revealed that she had actually given fans a spoiler for their new comeback!


While talking to Gaeul about their upcoming stage performance of “Love Dive”, Rei revealed that she had actually spoiled the lyrics to their song to Dive [their fandom name] even before they had lyrics for it! She commented on how she would tell fans to hold their breath and wait for her, and her words to their fans eventually became the lyrics to their new song!

Originally, I…it’s amazing. Even before the lyrics of “Love Dive” came out, I said, ‘Hold onto your breath and wait for me’. I kept saying that, and eventually, it became, ‘Hold onto your breath, Love Dive’!

It wasn’t a spoiler, but it became a spoiler.


Rei also shared how “hold your breath” is a phrase she uses often, and while it was unintentional at first, she cheekily gave them a spoiler on purpose later!

It was very natural. I naturally gave a spoiler. It’s a phrase I usually use often!


You can watch her talk about it here!

And check out their song “Love Dive” here!