IVE’s Latest Social Media Photos Earn Criticism After Netizens Notice A “Photoshop Fail” On Member Gaeul

“What did Starship do…”

While it’s fairly normal and expected that K-Pop companies will edit photos before posting them, a recent photo of IVE has been criticized for their photoshopping of member Gaeul.

IVE’s Gauel | @IVEstarship/Twitter

Recently, the members of IVE have started their world tour and performed concerts in Seoul. As expected, netizens quickly shared videos and photos of all the members shining throughout the show, with even some special guests.

After the show on October 8, the IVE account shared some photos of the members together.

| @IVEstarship/Twitter
| @IVEstarship/Twitter
| @IVEstarship/Twitter

Yet, while the members all looked absolutely beautiful, netizens couldn’t help but notice something unusual about Gaeul in one of the photos.

Although the idol looked stunning and shined with her visuals, her arm seemed to be missing. It was clear that it was from someone who had edited the photo and posted it without realizing that it was extremely noticeable.

The close-up of Gauel being photoshopped | @IVEstarship/Twitter

Unsurprisingly, when the photo was posted, netizens couldn’t hide their surprise at the “lazy” photoshopping of the photo.

In particular, the quotes of the tweet were full of netizens who were very confused by where Gaeul’s arm was and the fact that nobody noticed when they were posting the photo.

Considering that Starship Entertainment isn’t a “nugu” company and IVE are such a well-known group, it’s not surprising that fans are disappointed with the photoshopping. In particular, many are wondering if there was even a need to photoshop the image and what they were trying to do on Gaeul’s arm.

Source: @IVEStarship