IVE’s Stylist Under Fire For Allegedly Giving Jang Wonyoung “Preferential Treatment” With Outfits

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IVE has only debuted for less than two months but their stylist is already under fire. Although the girls made a highly successful debut with their hit song “ELEVEN”, some have begun to find flaws in their outfits. Namely, many feel that center member, Jang Wonyoung, is often given outfits that make her stand out more than the other members.

In SBS‘s recent end-of-year festival, Wonyoung was the only one in an all-white outfit. Her outfit consisted of similar shimmering accessories and boots, but her overall outfit was white with a hint of black.

Meanwhile, the rest of the members’ outfits were mainly black with accents of white.

The difference was even more apparent during the beginning formation as the backup dancers all wore black, making the other IVE members blend in too easily with the dancers with Wonyong standing out in her all-white attire.

Some even went as far to state that it looked as if Wonyoung was performing a solo special.

Many felt as if the company was pushing Wonyoung on purpose as the center, causing the other members to lack the amount of equal attention.

  • “Why would they do that?”
  • “Because the dancers are all in black, she really does stand out alone in white.
  • “The hot pink dress was worse.”
  • “If they wanted to go with black and white, the other members should also just wear both colors. But the other members are in the same black color as the dancers and only Wonyoung is in white so it’s a little so-so. More so, I don’t know why their fans or what keep saying she just stands out on her own LOL In that situation anyone would’ve stood out wearing that.”
  • “Personally I think the other members are a little prettier but Wonyoung catches my eye first.”
  • “If they were going to be like that, they know the fans wouldn’t have a good relationship. The company is so weird.”
  • “I saw many cases where they pay more attention to the member they are pushing but this is the first time I’m seeing something so blatant LOL Shining solo”

However, others pointed out that this was only one of the few cases where Wonyoung’s outfit stood out from the group. In other circumstances, the members were all dressed equally in assimilating attires.

Their regular stages show a uniformed color combination.

However, netizens also pointed out that their very first debut stage had Wonyoung in a hot pink dress and the others in dark colors. While Wonyoung may be the center of the group, fans are calling for the company to dress the members more equally.

Source: theqoo