IVE Successfully Completes Debut Showcase With First Single “ELEVEN”

They have finally made their official debut!

Rookie girl group IVE held a debut showcase for their first single, ELEVEN, and interacted with fans around the world. This was both an online and offline showcase hosted by MC Park Seul Gi. 

IVE commented, “It is finally the long-awaited debut day. Although we are nervous and excited, we will show you our best as we have worked hard for this day. Please show us a lot of support.” During the HAVE WHAT WE WANT corner, they shared stories about making the debut album as well as showed the point choreography for their title track, “ELEVEN”.

They also performed their b-side track, “Take It” and received a positive response from fans. As the showcase came to a close, they stated, “We are thankful for all the support we received. We will continue to work hard so that we can show you great stages in the future.”

Source: sports khan