Netizens Have Mixed Feelings Over A Baseball Player’s Reaction To Shaking IVE’s Wonyoung’s Hand

Reactions are conflicting.

Since Wonyoung was in IZ*ONE, the young K-Pop idol has been a fan-favorite in the industry. Being both talented and beautiful, it’s no surprise that she has built up such a loyal and passionate fanbase!


Any fan of Wonyoung’s would likely flip out if given the opportunity to meet her, and recently, one such fan had such a moment caught on camera for the world to see.


Baseball player Jeoung Sheol Won, a pitcher for the Doosan Bears, had the chance to meet and shake Wonyoung’s hand at a game that she pitched at recently.

The moment between the 23-year-old athlete and the IVE member was brief, but it was the way Jeoung reacted after the handshake that has people reacting in conflicting ways.

He seems giddy and giggling after the handshake in the video below, which results in a surprised reaction from Wonyoung.

Many of the comments on the post were relating to the baseball player’s excitement, and saw nothing wrong with his reaction.

Others, however, found this behavior from an adult man towards a teenage girl odd and uncomfortable.

Let’s be honest though, who wouldn’t get excited over getting to meet a popular celebrity?