“Drop The Routine Please”—IVE’s Wonyoung Makes Fans Go Wild In Photos Showcasing Her Rock Hard Abs

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IVE‘s Wonyoung is once again going viral for her beauty!

IVE’s Wonyoung

She impressed netizens with her gorgeous visuals at the kick-off concert of the group’s Show What I Have world tour. Though she looked like an angel most of the night…

…she was also the definition of “hot” in certain stage outfits. This time around, her casual sweatpants and jacket combination was the talk of the town. Her rock hard abs were on full display—and everyone was amazed!

Netizens commented that she was “so cool,” that she “keeps on slaying,” and that “even her abs are perfect.” This concert appearance reminded DIVEs that she has a world class physique.

Though she has a slim figure, she’s also notably toned!

International fans also couldn’t help but be amazed at her fit physique. They commented that she should “drop her workout routine” for them to follow and that they’re “serious” about wanting it now. As Wonyoung is famous for loving exercise such as Pilates, it made them even more interested in learning it.

IVE’s recent Show What I Have tour was held at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium from October 7-8.