IVE’s Wonyoung Is Sailor Moon Come To Life In These Photos From Their Comeback Showcase

She’s pulling off that “Sailor Moon” vibe perfectly!

IVE‘s Wonyoung is one of the 4th generation’s top visual idols, and her gorgeous looks have netizens buzzing once again!


IVE recently made their comeback with “Love Dive”, and held a press conference to celebrate their comeback!

IVE | Starship Entertainment

And at the press conference, Wonyoung had all eyes on her as she stunned everybody with her visuals! She wore a school uniform consisting of a white shirt, blue skirt, a red striped tie, and accessorized with a heart-shaped necklace and belly chain!

She also wore white knee-high socks, and had everyone convinced that she was this Sailor Moon character…

…come to life!

Wonyoung flaunted her incredible proportions in the outfit, impressing netizens everywhere with her doll-like visuals!

Netizens also pointed out how she wore the exact same outfit in her teaser photos, but the vibes were completely different! In the teaser photos, Wonyoung had her hair up in two pigtails, and she also wore a tiara, giving off a mature feel to her photos…

| Starship Entertainment
| Starship Entertainment

…whereas in the photos of her at the press conference, Wonyoung gave off a fresh appeal with her hair down and a softer expression!

She’s gorgeous!

| Starship Entertainment

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Source: theqoo