Netizens Amused By The Stark Height Difference Between IVE’s Wonyoung And TXT’s Yeonjun

For once, Wonyoung looks short!

Along with her beauty, something that IVE‘s Wonyoung is known for is her height. At 173cm (5’8″), she’s the tallest member of her group and definitely taller than the average female K-Pop idol, which makes her stand out pretty much anywhere she goes.

Wonyoung (IVE)

Put her in a pair of heels, and her height is even more impressive!

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It isn’t often that Wonyoung appears short, but recently, a photo has been circulating online that shows a rare instance where the IVE member doesn’t appear as tall as she actually is.

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The screenshot is taken from an old episode of Inkigayo, where TXT‘s Yeonjun was an MC for the show during IVE’s promotions for “Love Dive”. TXT’s members are known giants, but it still never seems to fail to shock fans by just how tall they are compared to other people!

Yeonjun (TXT) | SBS

At 182cm (6′) tall, he’s not even the tallest among TXT’s members — in fact, he’s ranked third in that regard, with Soobin and Hueningkai‘s heights listed as 185cm (6’1″) and 183cm (6’) respectively. But seeing him standing next to Wonyoung during the Inkigayo episode, their height difference seems extreme.

Yeonjun and Wonyoung | Instiz

Of course, the angle and Yeonjun’s shoes could be adding more height to him than what is actually there, but it’s still an amusing height difference between two known tall K-Pop idols!

Netizens also brought up a time when Wonyoung and Hueningkai stood beside each other, showing their impressive height difference as well.

Wonyoung and Hueningkai | Instiz

It’s cute to see these kinds of differences in height between giant K-Pop idols, and some of the comments shared on a post about the photo of Wonyoung and Yeonjun show netizens’ amused reactions.

The question is, is there anyone that can make Yeonjun himself (or the rest of TXT’s members) look short?

Source: Instiz and Pann Choa