IVE’s Wonyoung Goes Viral For Her Ethereal Visuals In These 10+ HQ Photos From The KPOP FLEX Festival

Her visuals are nothing short of legendary!

IVE‘s Wonyoung is a top visual idol of the 4th gen, and these new photos of her from the recent KPOP FLEX concert in Germany have been going viral among netizens!

Wonyoung | Starship Entertainment

KPOP FLEX took place this past weekend in Germany, and among many other acts, IVE participated in the event, performing their songs “Eleven” and “Love Dive”!

While all the members stunned with their visuals, Wonyoung, in particular, stood out for her absolutely stunning beauty during their performance!

Soon, HD photos of her taken at the event were released, and nobody can get over how gorgeous she looks in them!

She wore two sets of outfits; one was the school uniform stage outfit from their “Love Dive” comeback…

…while the other was a black outfit that she styled with a matching beret!

Wonyoung looked like a whole painting that day, and her eye-catching beauty has fans weak! Who can blame them, though? She’s the whole package!

Source: theqoo