IVE Have The Most Adorable Reaction To Performing “After LIKE” In Front Of Fans For The First Time

Wonyoung was especially excited.

Many recently-debuted K-Pop groups are finally performing their comeback stages in front of live audiences for the first time since their debut. Girl group aespa has recently opened up about how difficult it was to debut during the pandemic.

Debuting in the pandemic was obviously a lot different than what we imagined a normal debut would be. When we would stand on stage, there would be no audience, it would just be cameras and that went on for almost a whole year and a half.

— Giselle

Once aespa got to perform in front of massive audiences at Coachella, aespa got more familiar with the difference between performing just for cameras and for an audience. Giselle specifically explained that performing in front of an audience significantly impacts their facial expressions.

When there’s audience in front of us…whatever we feel during that moment is what happens in our performance. So I think that’s what makes each stage very special for us.

— Giselle

aespa | @aespa_official/Twitter

IVE is another group that debuted during the pandemic and so getting to perform for fans must be incredibly meaningful for the idols. Understandably, for their first “After LIKE” stage on MCountdown, IVE were incredibly excited to perform for a crowd, all smiles for the cheers at the beginning of their performance.

IVE | Mnet K-POP/YouTube 

And toward the end of Wonyoung‘s fancam, she excitedly talked to fans about it being their first stage together.

Wonyoung: You’re the first DIVEs to see us perform this song live!

Yujin: She’s right!

Gaeul, Wonyoung, and Yujin | M2/YouTube 

Gaeul, Wonyoung, and Yujin all looked delighted by their fans’ enthusiastic cheers.

| M2/YouTube 

And when Wonyoung asked fans how the stage was, she was adorably excited by their loud response.

Wonyoung: How was it?!

| M2/YouTube 
| M2/YouTube 

Fans can look forward to more of IVE’s stages.

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You can watch “After LIKE” here.

Source: M2