IVE’s Ahn Yujin And Gaeul Reveal What’s Inside Their Rooms

See how the idols are living!

IVE‘s Ahn Yujin and Gaeul recently revealed their rooms inside the group’s dormitory.

Ahn Yujin | @_yujin_an/Instagram
Gaeul | Day Life

In the September 4 episode of MBC‘s Where Is My Home, IVE members Ahn Yujin and Gaeul appeared as intern coordinators.

Yang Se Hyung (bottom left) | MBC

In this episode, the show’s panelist Yang Se Hyung asked the idols about their interior design tastes, to which Ahn Yujin answered that she prefers practical designs.

I like practical things. I have a mini-friedge and a bed that allows me to do all the things I need to. I like practical interiors.

— Ahn Yujin

The show then revealed Ahn Yujin’s room, and true to her statement, her room was practical, to say the least. The idol’s room features a motion bed that has a built-in desk, reminiscent of Mamamoo Solar’s bed. Ahn Yujin’s room also features a mini-fridge placed prominently by her bedside for easy access.

Gaeul replied that she shares her room with two other members but would still like a cozy interior.

There are three of us in a room, and so we have a partition up that divides our space. I would like to decorate the room and make it cozy.

— Gaeul

Bottom left: Leeseo, Rei, and Gaeul | MBC

Ahn Yujin and Gaeul’s IVE recently made their comeback with their single “After LIKE.” The song has swept the charts in Korea, with the group sweeping first place on all four major music shows. The group that debuted just last December has established itself as one of the leaders of the fourth generation thanks to consecutive hits.

Ahn Yujin, in particular, is having a moment. The idol has become a blue-chip on variety shows, thanks to her efforts on tvND’s Earth Arcade. The show, first thought of as a dark horse among new variety shows, has become a must-watch between Korea’s Generation-Z audiences. Watch the show’s antics in the link below!


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