IZ*ONE Members’ Agencies Also Raided By Police In Connection With “Produce 48” Vote-Manipulation Controversy

Produce 48 agencies were also raided.

It has been reported that on the same day police raided Woollim Entertainment, Starship Entertainment, and MBK Entertainment in connection with Produce X 101‘s vote-manipulation controversy, that they also raided agencies that currently contain IZ*ONE members.

Police Raid Woollim, Starship, and MBK In Connection With “Produce X 101” Vote-Manipulation Controversy

According to the exclusive report from SPOTV News, the police not only raided agencies that participated in Produce X 101, but also some agencies that participate in Produce 48. The agencies have not yet been identified.

Police have expanded their investigations to not only include Produce X 101, but also the previous Produce seasons. The police have quietly completed their search and seizure of the Produce 48 companies to attempt to clear up the suspicions surrounding the season.

In response to the news of the search and seizures, an official from Mnet had little to say about the situation.

We are looking into the reports. We don’t know what the police’s official statement will say. It’s a situation where it is difficult for us to release a statement.

— Mnet official

Source: SPOTV