Netizens File Blue House Petition Against IZ*ONE’s Appearance On “Music Bank”

“Please do not allow IZ*ONE to appear on the public broadcasting stations.”

The popular opinion against the appearance of Produce 48′s IZ*ONE’s on KBS’s Music Bank has been becoming more widespread.


After seeing Music Bank‘s teaser video for IZ*ONE’s official debut on the October 26 live broadcast, viewers have been uploading posts on the show’s homepage “in opposition of the appearance of the right-wing Japanese celebrity, IZ*ONE.”


The netizens claimed that IZ*ONE member Miyawaki Sakura, who is a member of AKB48, has been involved in numerous right-wing controversies.

In particular, AKB48 had sung “Kimigayo” (Japanese national anthem), promoted for the (Japanese) Self-Defense Forces and concerts that beautify war criminals during the broadcast of Produce 48.


As a result, many netizens have been strongly expressing that “it isn’t right for a public broadcasting station like KBS to allow a Japanese right-wing singer from appearing on its program.” 

Many IZ*ONE fans have also been uploading posts defending the group, stating that they would “report to the agency for spreading rumors” or telling the posters to stop instigating trouble.


Nonetheless, a Blue House petition titled, “Please ban the right-wing Japanese group IZ*ONE from appearing on public broadcasting,” has been filed and signed by 12,294 supporters to date.

The petitioner wrote, “Produce 48 is a program created by a collaboration between Mnet’s Produce 101 and Japan’s AKB48. But AKB48 is a Japanese group which actively participates in right-wing activities and among IZ*ONE, who will be debuting soon, there is a member who has participated in right-wing concerts. I believe it is unfair to prevent an individual from their private activities but appearing on KBS is a different story. KBS is a national broadcasting station that is in accordance with the Broadcasting Act, which also collects license fees from general viewers. I believe appearing on a private broadcasting station like Mnet and a public broadcasting like KBS is completely different. Please do not allow IZ*ONE to appear on the public broadcasting stations: KBS, MBC and EBS.”


Numerous other Blue House petitions have also come up in response to the above petition, asking the Blue House to reject the petition asking to ban IZ*ONE’s appearance from public broadcasting stations and expressing their approval for IZ*ONE’s appearance and debut on KBS.

Source: My Daily