Netizens Find Something Interesting About IZ*ONE’s Nako’s Height

Fan criticized the netizens’ comments.

An appearance at Idol Room got Yabuki Nako revealing her actual height, one that’s slightly different from ger profile.


Jung Hyungdon and Defconn wondered about the members’ height profile and pointed out the tallest and shortest members of the group. Everyone was surprised find members Jang Wonyoung and Ahn Yujin were 169.2 cm and 168.6 cm tall respectively. 


There was point in hiding for Yabuki Nako as they tried to measure her actual height, who began jumping before getting herself measured. 

“I know my height is 149 centimetres, but I am actually 150 centimetres.”

— Yabuki Nako 


The measurement read at 149.9 cm, making her the shortest member!


Netizens initially poked fun at this reveal as they commented on her petite frame compared to other women.

  • “Better than a man being 160 cm tall. There is no hope for that.”
  • “If a girl is pretty even if it is small, it is okay.”
  • “She’s taller than I thought, I thought she was about 145 cm…”


Fans were quick to respond as they felt the comments were insulting toward women of a certain height.


Yabuki Nako representing petite women in the music industry! You go girl!


Source: Newsen