IZ*ONE’s Chaeyeon Was Teasing ITZY’s Chaeryeong The Whole Time At The 2019 MGMA’s And It Was Adorable

Fans have been waiting for interactions between the sisters for ages and it was worth it!

Sisters Lee Chaeyeon of IZ*ONE and Lee Chaeryeong of ITZY are known as some of the most talented dancers in K-Pop. Ever since they first appeared together on K-Pop Star 3, fans have kept an eye out for them.

The Lee sisters were trainees on the reality survival show SIXTEEN but unfortunately neither made the final lineup, which would later debut as TWICE.

After the show’s completion, both took a gamble with their future, with Chaeyeon leaving JYP Entertainment to join WM Entertainment. Meanwhile, Chaeryeong stayed on at JYP Entertainment, hoping to debut in the future girl group.

Thankfully, their hard work has paid off, with both debuting in highly successful groups in the past year!

Because of how busy they have both been, the Lee sisters have admitted that they hardly see each other, yet they are both constantly supporting each other.

For many months, many fans have been hoping for some interactions between the sisters, given how they have been inseparable, especially as a duo in K-Pop Star 3 and as fellow JYP Entertainment trainees.

Thankfully, their wishes were granted at the 2019 M2 X Genie Music Awards where both ITZY and IZ*ONE were seated close to each other.

Even though it was an awards ceremony, Chaeyeon couldn’t resist teasing her younger sister.

Fancams caught her tapping Chaeryeong on her back and running away.

But when Chaeryeong realised it was her sister, she couldn’t hold back a smile.

Meanwhile, both sisters showed off their unique style of communicating.

During which, Chaeyeon couldn’t help showing her love for ITZY’s choreography, much to Chaeryeong’s regret.

Though they had a lot of fun together, they also showed how supportive they were of each other.

When IZ*ONE performed Violeta, Chaeryeong smiled as soon as Chaeyeon began singing her part.

Throughout the performance, Chaeryeong was beaming, showing how proud she was of her older sister.

Meanwhile, Chaeyeon was also spotted singing along to “Dalla Dalla” during ITZY’s performance.

When ITZY won an award for “The Female New Artist”, Chaeryeong became emotional and during her speech, she thanked her parents.

Mom, Dad, we won the ROTY award!

Upon hearing this, Chaeyeon burst out laughing. After all, they are still sisters.

Despite all the teasing, it is still as clear as ever that the bond between Chaeryeong and Chaeyeon is unbreakable.

With all these heartwarming interactions, fans cannot wait for more interactions and even collaborations between the Lee sisters.