J-Pop Group Arashi Allegedly Plagiarizes DAY6’s “Zombie” MV

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Japanese pop group Arashi is under fire for allegedly plagiarizing DAY6’s music video.

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Recently an online community board revealed, “The music video of Arashi’s ‘Face Down: Reborn’ is very similar to the lyric music video of DAY6’s ‘Zombie’.”

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DAY6’s “Zombie” music video was released on May 21 while Arashi’s music video was released on June 26.

The music video’s typography and development of the music video were very similar.

Below are screenshot from each of the music videos.



The creator of the “Zombie” music video also revealed their sadness at the news. “I don’t know if I should be honored by this or not. I really put my all into making this music video.”

Currently, no official statement has been released by JYP Entertainment.

Netizens who saw this couldn’t deny that the videos were similar as well.

  • They said the root of K-Pop is Japan but I think it’s the other way around.
  • They really are the same
  • We need to hear a statement from Arashi too.
Below are the two music videos for a comparison.
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